City also concealed election records and failed to provide information about possible noncitizen voters

(Alexandria, VA) – April 7. The Public Interest Legal Foundation has filed a lawsuit in federal court against Anna J. Leider, the general registrar of voters in the City of Alexandria, Virginia.  The lawsuit alleges that the registrar has failed to properly maintain voter rolls and refused to permit the plaintiffs to inspect list maintenance records as required by federal law.

The plaintiffs in the case are the Virginia Voters Alliance, Inc., (VVA) an organization dedicated to election integrity, and David Norcross, a member of VVA and resident of Alexandria.

For years in Alexandra, the number of registrants who can vote has exceeded the number of citizens of voting age residing in the city. In response to these unusual circumstances, the plaintiffs utilized protections in the National Voter Registration Act that require Alexandria to allow physical inspection of election records related to voter registration and list maintenance programs.  Instead of complying with federal law, the defendant said VVA would be allowed to inspect records only after VVA provided a “chart” and other data.  Moreover, Alexandria has failed to utilize readily available data about registrants who have moved, died, or are ineligible to vote because they are not citizens.

“When more are registered to vote than eligible citizens living in Alexandria, it is an invitation to voter fraud,” said J. Christian Adams, President and General Counsel of the Public Interest Legal Foundation. “Corrupted rolls are an invitation to election corruption.  Alexandria is not using all of the available tools to clean their voter rolls and prevent non-citizens from registering and voting.  Concealing list maintenance records from the public isn’t good government, and it violates Federal election law.”

The lawsuit asks the federal court to order Alexandria to open the requested list maintenance records to the plaintiffs.  Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (commonly called “Motor Voter”) gives Americans the right to review list maintenance records.  “When it comes to elections, transparency is the best policy. It shouldn’t require a lawsuit to make that happen,” said Adams.  The lawsuit also asks the court to order a remedial list maintenance plan in Alexandria.

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