Saga of League of Women Voters v. Election Assistance Commission Unfolds

Over the past week, a major attack was launched by left-wing advocacy groups to undermine the law in several states that are trying to require some kind of proof of citizenship in order to register to vote. Kansas, Alabama, and Georgia had requested that the U.S. Election Assistance Commission adjust the state-specific instructions on their versions of the federal voter registration form to reflect that they require proof of citizenship to register. Several groups, including the League of Women Voters and ProjectVote, sued in federal court in DC and last week asked the court to put in place an emergency restraining order against the EAC to stop the change in the form requesting citizenship verification. A sensational hearing took place on Monday, Feb. 22, in which the DOJ refused to defend the agency, but instead argued in favor of the injunction. Today Judge Leon denied the restraining order request and ordered further briefing. The Kansas Secretary of State and the Public Interest Legal Foundation have been permitted to intervene to defend the law. We’ll keep you updated.

Hans von Spakovsky, who serves on the Board of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, has written several articles giving a play-by-play of the story on National Review and the Daily Signal:

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