J. Christian Adams Discusses Husted Decision on WMAL

PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams joined Larry O’Connor on WMAL-DC to discuss the U.S. Supreme Court decision on Ohio voter list maintenance procedures. To learn more about the decision and case, click here. Skip to 1:36:18 to hear Adams’ segment.

J. Christian Adams to Tucker Carlson: Noncitizens are Voting in Texas

J. Christian Adams Discusses the Real Noncitizen Influence in Elections with Judge Pirro

J. Christian Adams to Shannon Bream: Noncitizens Voting are the Real ‘Foreign Influence’ in Elections

J. Christian Adams Discusses Voter Fraud on KBET Las Vegas

Audio courtesy KBET AM790 Las Vegas.

J. Christian Adams: Matt Dunlap is Acting as a Saboteur on Trump Voter Fraud Commission

WATCH: Trial over Broward County’s Disputed Voting Lists Ends

Courtesy of the Sun-Sentinel and the A/V team with the American Civil Rights Union:

For more information, visit the ACRU v. Snipes case page.

Support more election integrity actions like in Broward County, here.

President Donald Trump: Public Interest Legal Foundation is a ‘Great Group’

J. Christian Adams on FNC: Trump Voting Commission Critics ‘Are Flat Earthers’

J. Christian Adams spoke to Fox & Friends Sunday:

J. Christian Adams Reacts to Comey Hearing on Fox News

PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams joined Fox & Friends Friday morning to react to the much-hyped James Comey hearing.

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