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J. Christian Adams: ‘Something Fishy’ Happened in Southfield Clerk’s Office

J. Christian Adams joined the Frank Beckmann Show on WJR Detroit today to discuss the Southfield Clerk’s alleged attempts to invalidate 193 absentee votes in the 2018 midterm election.


“Why 193? Every vote counts.” Adams recalled the 537 vote win for Bush in Florida 2000.

Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin Discuss PILF’s Noncitizen Voter Findings

Originally aired August 1, 2018. Read more here.

J. Christian Adams Discusses Noncitizen Voting in PA with Tucker Carlson

Originally aired August 1, 2018.

Read Steeling the Vote and other reports regarding noncitizen voting in Virginia and New Jersey.

J. Christian Adams Discusses Noncitizen Voting in Pittsburgh with PCNC

Originally aired July 31, 2018

J. Christian Adams Discusses Husted Decision on WMAL

PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams joined Larry O’Connor on WMAL-DC to discuss the U.S. Supreme Court decision on Ohio voter list maintenance procedures. To learn more about the decision and case, click here. Skip to 1:36:18 to hear Adams’ segment.

J. Christian Adams to Tucker Carlson: Noncitizens are Voting in Texas

J. Christian Adams Discusses the Real Noncitizen Influence in Elections with Judge Pirro

J. Christian Adams to Shannon Bream: Noncitizens Voting are the Real ‘Foreign Influence’ in Elections

J. Christian Adams Discusses Voter Fraud on KBET Las Vegas

Audio courtesy KBET AM790 Las Vegas.

J. Christian Adams: Matt Dunlap is Acting as a Saboteur on Trump Voter Fraud Commission

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