President Donald Trump: Public Interest Legal Foundation is a ‘Great Group’

J. Christian Adams on FNC: Trump Voting Commission Critics ‘Are Flat Earthers’

J. Christian Adams spoke to Fox & Friends Sunday:

J. Christian Adams Reacts to Comey Hearing on Fox News

PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams joined Fox & Friends Friday morning to react to the much-hyped James Comey hearing.

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PILF’s J. Christian Adams Talks Alien Voters w/ Tucker Carlson

PILF’s Noel Johnson Featured on Special Report w/ Brett Baier

J. Christian Adams Talks North Carolina Voter Fraud on Fox and Friends

Originally aired on April 23, 2017

Fox News: J. Christian Adams Discusses Left’s Plan to Block Trump’s Nominee for Deputy AG

Show clip available via Fox News Channel.

Christian Adams on the Impacts of AG Sessions’ Recusal, Wiretapping

PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams made multiple, recent appearances on the Fox News Channel to explain AG Jeff Sessions’ recusal, FISA courts, and general wiretapping procedure.

PILF on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs on Voter Fraud

PILF President J. Christian Adams was on Fox Business on Monday evening to discuss the reality and impact of voter fraud across the country.

Watch the interview here.

PILF President on the Project Veritas Videos

J. Christian Adams on Project Veritas Video from Alexandra Datig on Vimeo.

J. Christian Adams, President of the Public Interest Legal Foundation appeared on Fox News on Saturday October 22 to discuss the election integrity implications revealed in the recent undercover videos released by Project Veritas.

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