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Lawsuit claims 90 days not enough time to verify citizenship

According to a federal lawsuit filed in Kansas this week, 90 days is not enough time to verify one’s citizenship.

The lawsuit challenges a new rule, set to take effect on Friday, that would remove a person’s name from the list if he or she failed to show proof of citizenship after 90 days. The lawsuit claims such a requirement violates the constitution and the National Voter Registration Act.


Liberals support automatic registration, abandoning common sense

Automatic registration plus vote-by-mail minus voter identification safeguards. What could possibly go wrong?


Automatic Voter Registration in California is Potentially Disastrous

California recently became the second state to adopt automatic voter registration. The system will tie registration to DMV records, meaning when someone gets or renews a driver’s license, gets a state identification card, or changes a home address, the individual will be automatically registered to vote.

Anyone see a problem here?

California is home to approximately 2 million illegal immigrants. California allows illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses. 

Proponents of the law claim that licenses for illegal immigrants do not qualify for automatic voter registration. But they don’t say how. And we have seen how well these supposed “safeguards” have worked before. In April, we filed a brief at the Supreme Court that included 13 federal voter registration forms from Harris County, Texas. On four of these forms, the individuals actually checked “no” on the citizenship question, six checked “no” and “yes,” and the remaining three left the checkbox blank entirely. Each person was registered to vote.

It doesn’t matter if these registrations are the result of an innocent mistake or something more devious. When someone votes who should not have, it cancels out the vote of a United States citizen, robbing him or her of one of the most precious rights this country provides.


Corrupted Voter Rolls – News Talk 1480 AM Canton

Public Interest Legal attorney Noel Johnson discusses our Bad County Project on The Week That Was with Joe Palmisano.


Kansas Voter Fraud Cases Coming Soon

Kansas lawmakers gave the secretary of state’s office the power to prosecute voting crimes earlier this year. Armed with that power, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach says his office will soon start prosecuting cases of double voting.

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