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California voters consider online voting despite experts’ warnings

Three ballot initiatives have been proposed in California that would require the state to allow online voting. Security experts say such a system would be too easy to hack, putting our elections at risk.



The Media Continues to Distort the Effects of Voter ID Laws

The war on voting integrity measures like voter ID continues to include a similar tactic: wildly exaggerate the number of individuals without acceptable identification to vote and let it echo through the media chamber. 


Is the Florida Supervisor of Elections computer system vulnerable to hackers?

The answer is “yes,” according to David Sinclair, a candidate, whose team demonstrated how they were able to infiltrate one of the Supervisor of Elections servers and retrieve sensitive information. According to Sinclair, hackers could cause massive chaos during an election: “They could go in there and change the dates of elections, send people to the wrong place, they could change whose running for office. They could take candidates information down. There’s all kinds of things they could do in there. It’s pretty scary.” 


Judge sets hearing in Alabama voter ID suit

U.S. District Judge L. Scott Coogler has set a Feb. 11 hearing on the challengers’ request to block Alabama’s photo identification rule for the March 1 primaries.


Fraud Alert: Kansas charges 3 for double voting

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has announced that his office is pursuing prosecutions in 3 cases where an individual voted in Kansas and another state. 

Kobach also revealed that his office has identified 19 cases of non-citizens who “have either registered to vote or attempted to do so.”

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