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PILF President on the Project Veritas Videos

J. Christian Adams on Project Veritas Video from Alexandra Datig on Vimeo.

J. Christian Adams, President of the Public Interest Legal Foundation appeared on Fox News on Saturday October 22 to discuss the election integrity implications revealed in the recent undercover videos released by Project Veritas.


PILF Submits Complaint with FEC on Registration Drives

October 18 –

The Public Interest Legal Foundation filed a complaint today with the Federal Election Commission requesting an investigation into whether groups have been coordinating with the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary for America campaign to run voter registration drives targeted at Hispanic voters. Given non-citizen proportions among the population, these drives could exploit a hole in our voter registration system to get many non-citizens on the rolls.

According to the complaint: “Several groups including Americans United for Change and Voces de la Frontera Action and other unknown groups have engaged in voter registration drives and other GOTV activity during the 2016 election cycle. These activities potentially registered persons who were not citizens . . . . These voter registration drives and other GOTV activity were coordinated with DNC and HFA by express communication through agents of Democracy Partners and The Foval Group. These communications resulted in coordination of voter registration activity in violation of 11 C.F.R. 114.4(c)(2) and (d)(2)-(4) by all parties involved.”

“American voter rolls are corrupted with unacceptable numbers of aliens who are illegally registered to vote,” said J. Christian Adams, President of PILF. “Groups should not be coordinating with campaigns and political parties to exploit vulnerabilities in our election system. We hope this matter is fully investigated by the FEC and that if aliens are voting, they are prosecuted by the Justice Department. That would mark a change in DOJ policies of the last 7 years.”

Full presser here.

Updated complaint with exhibits here.

Yes, the dead will vote in November’s election

Public Interest Legal’s President appears on Fox News to discuss voter fraud, including dead voters.

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WMAL Interview – J. CHRISTIAN ADAMS – 10.12.16

PILF President and General Counsel, J. Christian Adams, was on Washington’s Drive at Five with Larry O’Connor on Wednesday with the latest voter fraud update.

Listen here!


PILF President Testifies in PA on New Voter Fraud Report

This morning, J. Christian Adams, President and General Counsel of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, testified before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives State Government Committee. He presented a report published by PILF highlighting the aliens and felons on the voter rills in the city of Philadelphia.

The report reveals that dozens of aliens who have been removed from the rolls over that past three years have actually been voting.

The report also shows how Philadelphia election officials leave thousands of incarcerated felons on the rolls, even though they are ineligible to vote.

You can read the testimony here.

Find the full report here.

Full press release on the testimony here.

Full press release on the report here.

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