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Foundation Findings

The Foundation’s September 2020 Report, Critical Condition: American Voter Rolls Filled with Errors, Dead Voters, and Duplicate Registrations, Demonstrated the Disrepair of America’s Voter Rolls

Deceased Registrants Identified

Duplicate Registrants Identified

Registrants Listing Nonresidential Addresses

PILF Updates

REPORT: 31,000 Foreign Nationals in Colorado Sent Voter Registration Instructions by State Election Officials Before 2022 Midterms

This “Data Analytical Error” provides lessons for states belonging to the Electronic Registration Information Center known as “ERIC.” (Alexandria, VA) – January 5, 2023: Today, the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) released a report detailing Colorado...

PILF Research Leads to Arrest and Jail Time In Two Florida Election Crimes

(Alexandria, VA) – December 21, 2022: Devin King and Jordan Daniels of Duval County pleaded guilty to the criminal use of personal identification in connection with the forging of signatures on Florida voter registration forms and petitions in 2021. According to Duval...

Win for Election Integrity: PILF Forces Two More Minnesota Counties to Remove Over 300 Duplicate Voter Registrations

(Minneapolis, MN) – December 16, 2022: The Public Interest Legal Foundation reached a settlement agreement with Hennepin and Nicollet Counties to remove over 300 duplicate voter registrations from the voter rolls of the counties.  These agreements came only a day...

One Day After Election, Federal Court Denies New Jersey Election Officials Attempt to Hide Election Records.

Under federal law, Americans have a right to see how their voter rolls are maintained. (Trenton, NJ) – November 9, 2022: In May, the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) filed a lawsuit alleging that New Jersey Secretary of State, Tahesha Way, was...

516 American Elections (and Counting) Ended in Ties

One Illegal Vote can Decide an Election. (Alexandria, VA) – November 3, 2022: Today, the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) released an update to its tool tracking tie American elections. The Foundation has found a total of 516 elections that ended in ties and...

Win for the Rule of Law: Delaware Supreme Court Rules that Universal Mail-In Voting and Same Day Registration Violate the Delaware Constitution

The Public Interest Legal Foundation secured a legal victory to invalidate a state’s election statute. (Dover, DE) – October 7, 2022: In July of 2022, the Delaware General Assembly passed a law permitting mail-in voting for any reason and...

LAWSUIT: NYC Board of Elections Violated the Voting Rights Act & the 15th Amendment of the United States Constitution

 Lawsuit alleges that NYC’s foreign citizens voting law was passed with an unconstitutional racial intent and hurts black voters. (New York City, NY) – August 29, 2022: The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) filed a federal lawsuit in the...

Initial Victory in Lawsuit to Remove Nearly 26,000 Deceased Registrants from Michigan’s Voter Rolls

Secretary of State Benson’s motion to dismiss and outside groups’ motions to intervene were denied. (Lansing, MI) – August 25, 2022: Today, the United States Western District Court of Michigan denied Michigan Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson’s effort to dismiss...

Final Frontier: ZuckBucks in Montana

​Final Frontier tells the story of the lasting influence of Zuckbucks in Montana beyond the dollar figures and spending reports. Direct, left-wing funding of election administration is the last aspect to exert control over the election process. Purchasing the process – not the short-term electoral outcome – is the real play.

The rush is on, and local officials are already addicted to the easy money – whether they need it or not.

Pennsylvania Required to Provide PILF with Voting History of Non-Citizens the Commonwealth Added to the Voter Roll

If States Maintain Voter List Maintenance Documents Beyond the NVRA’s Two Year Requirement, They Must Disclose Them. (Harrisburg, PA) – April 4, 2022: The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) secured a landmark ruling for transparency...

In the News

A victory for the rule of law in our elections

Our win in Delaware is one small step toward restoring order and predictability to election administration. PILF will bring more cases like it when election officials — or legislatures — do not follow the commands of law in our elections.

Minnesota elections marred by a sex criminal voting twice, plus other errors

It’s bad enough that just six counties in Minnesota feature voting lists with 515 duplicate registrations. It’s worse when a growing number actually show votes cast under both registrations. It’s stunning when one of those apparent double voters is a convicted criminal who has been committed for mental illness.

J. Christian Adams: New Jersey’s voter rolls contain people who were born during the Byzantine Empire

We released a report on the disastrous state of New Jersey’s voter rolls. There are over 8,000 duplicate registrants.

Biden’s home state election law trouble: Lawsuit alleges early voting rules violate Delaware Constitution

“The penalties are criminal, so there probably would need to be a guilty intent, but it puts [election] workers in a difficult position of making a legal ruling that the courts are better able to decide,” Mennella told Fox News. “And now that the workers know about the conflict, they even more want the court to decide the issue.”

Lawsuit: NYC immigrant voting law favors Hispanics, Asians over Blacks

A controversial new city law that will allow non-citizens to vote in local elections would unconstitutionally bolster the political clout of Hispanic and Asian New Yorkers — at the expense of African-Americans, according to a new lawsuit.

J. Christian Adams, president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a nonprofit representing the plaintiffs, said the process of getting the new law passed was “infested with racial motivation.”

North Carolina Agrees to Release Records Showing Foreigners Voted

Records that show foreigners registered to vote—and actually voted in North Carolina elections—will be disclosed by the state’s board of elections as a result of its legal settlement with an electoral integrity group.

According to the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), which brought the lawsuit to federal court in North Carolina, the settlement is a victory for transparency in elections.

Exclusive— Maine Secretary of State Aide Belonged to Private Chat of Leftist Groups that Conspired to Smear West Virginia’s Top Election Official

According to part of a lengthy public records request filed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) and exclusively provided to Breitbart News, Maine Democrat Secretary of State Shenna Bellows’ communications director allegedly belonged to a private communications channel comprised of leftist organizations that attempted to smear West Virginia Republican Secretary of State Mac Warner over his opposition to federalized elections.

Michigan still has more than 25K dead people on the voter rolls, lawsuit claims

“Secretary Benson has completely failed in her job as Secretary of State,” Adams told Fox News. “We’ve alerted her about the nearly 26,000 deceased registrants time and time again over the last year. She has refused to do her job and has made Michigan’s election less secure. We won a similar lawsuit regarding deceased registrants in Pennsylvania earlier this year. The law and the facts are on our side in this case.”

How Virginia Democrats Are Working To Make Elections Sloppy Again

A lawsuit filed last Wednesday in the Circuit Court of Fairfax County, Virginia against the county registrar and three members of the Fairfax County Electoral Board exposed election officials’ ongoing disregard for state election law.

The Era of ‘Zuckbucks’ in Florida Election Administration Ends

“Zuckbucks were the biggest factor, juicing blue areas in 2020,” Adams said. “At the Public Interest Legal Foundation, we are proud to have played a role in ensuring that this money will not be spent to influence the Florida elections in 2022.”

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