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Noncitizen Voter Prosecution Shows Need for Transparency in Harris County

PILF commended Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s announcement regarding the forthcoming prosecution of Laura Janeth Garza for alleged voter impersonation and ineligible voting in Harris County.

Harris County Seeks to Shield Noncitizen Voter Records

PILF filed responses to Harris County’s request disagreeing that the federal lawsuit seeking access to voter list maintenance records related to noncitizen registrants be dismissed.

PA Contradicts Own Claim of ‘No’ Noncitizen Voter Records

PILF filed briefs this week highlighting contradictory claims made by the Pennsylvania Department of State (DOS) regarding the existence of noncitizen voter records.

PILF: Pennsylvania SOS’ Read of Disclosure Law is ‘Absurd’

PILF today filed a brief outlining the many flaws in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s reasoning for not disclosing noncitizen voter registration records to the public.

Texas AG Urges Disclosure of Noncitizen Voting Records to PILF

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton urged a state court judge to facilitate the disclosure of noncitizen voter registration records to the Public Interest Legal Foundation in a brief filed this week (Harris Bennett v. Texas, D-1-GN-18-001583).

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