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The Foundation’s September 2020 Report, Critical Condition: American Voter Rolls Filled with Errors, Dead Voters, and Duplicate Registrations, Demonstrated the Disrepair of America’s Voter Rolls

Deceased Registrants Identified

Duplicate Registrants Identified

Registrants Listing Nonresidential Addresses

PILF Updates

BREAKING: PILF Sues the Colorado Secretary of State for Failure to Provide Voter List Maintenance Records

ERIC is not Allowing for Transparency in Colorado’s Elections. (Alexandria, VA) – December 16, 2021: Today, the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) filed a federal lawsuit against Jena Griswold, the Colorado Secretary of State, for failure to permit inspection of...

PILF Filed a Motion to Intervene in Marc Elias’ Lawsuit To Remove Election Integrity Measures in Virginia

For over 50 years, applicants have been required to provide their Social Security number on voter registration applications. (Richmond, VA) – December 15, 2021: Today, the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) filed a motion to...

PILF Sues the D.C. Board of Elections for Failure to Provide Voter List Maintenance Records

ERIC is not Allowing for Transparency in D.C.’s Elections. (Alexandria, VA) – December 6, 2021: Today, the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) filed a federal lawsuit against Monica Evans, the Executive Director of the District of Columbia Board of Elections, for...

REPORT: How Many Potential Election Related Crimes Languish in Florida Prosecutors’ Offices?

Document detail that Florida Prosecutors received 156 referrals from nine county supervisors of elections about potential criminal election law violations (Tallahassee, FL) – November 10, 2021: The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) today released a report...

BREAKING: PILF Sues Michigan Secretary of State for Failing to Remove Deceased Registrants from Their Voter Rolls

PILF identified nearly 26,000 likely deceased registrants on Michigan’s rolls (Lansing, MI) – November 4, 2021: Today, the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) filed a federal lawsuit against Michigan Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson for failure to remove...

PILF To U.S. Senate: H.R. 4 Would Turn the Voting Rights Act Into a One-Way Partisan Ratchet

PILF Asks Senators to Cite One Example of Blatant Vote Denial Based on Race (Alexandria, VA) – September 22, 2021: Today, the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) Litigation Counsel and former Department of Justice lawyer Maureen Riordan is testifying before the...

Manchin’s H.R. 1/S. 1 Compromise Bill Threatens West Virginia’s Absentee Ballot System

15 Other States Mirror WV’s System SEPTEMBER 2021 – West Virginia briefly experimented with expanded mail voting during the 2020 primary season by choosing to send an absentee ballot application to every registered voter ahead of the June 9 contests. In the aftermath,...

PILF Secures Win for Election Integrity, All Florida Counties Return Zuckbucks

Thanks to PILF’s efforts all of the Florida counties that had remaining Zuckbucks following 2020 have returned the funds to CTCL. (Alexandria, VA) – August 23, 2021: In May 2021, the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) wrote to three Florida counties demanding...

Nearly 15 Million Mail Ballots Went Unaccounted for in 2020 Election

43 Million over Past Decade AUGUST 2021 -- In the face of a pandemic, states from across the nation hastily pushed traditionally in-person voters to mail ballots while, at the same time, trying to learn how to even administer such a scenario. Experts at PILF warned...

Lawsuit to Remove Dead Voters in Pennsylvania Ends with Win for Election Integrity

Settlement Secures Removing over 20,000 Deceased Registrants from PA Voter Rolls (Harrisburg, PA.) – April 7, 2021: The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) reached a settlement with the Pennsylvania Department of State to remove deceased voters from Pennsylvania’s...

In the News

Exclusive— Maine Secretary of State Aide Belonged to Private Chat of Leftist Groups that Conspired to Smear West Virginia’s Top Election Official

According to part of a lengthy public records request filed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) and exclusively provided to Breitbart News, Maine Democrat Secretary of State Shenna Bellows’ communications director allegedly belonged to a private communications channel comprised of leftist organizations that attempted to smear West Virginia Republican Secretary of State Mac Warner over his opposition to federalized elections.

Michigan still has more than 25K dead people on the voter rolls, lawsuit claims

“Secretary Benson has completely failed in her job as Secretary of State,” Adams told Fox News. “We’ve alerted her about the nearly 26,000 deceased registrants time and time again over the last year. She has refused to do her job and has made Michigan’s election less secure. We won a similar lawsuit regarding deceased registrants in Pennsylvania earlier this year. The law and the facts are on our side in this case.”

How Virginia Democrats Are Working To Make Elections Sloppy Again

A lawsuit filed last Wednesday in the Circuit Court of Fairfax County, Virginia against the county registrar and three members of the Fairfax County Electoral Board exposed election officials’ ongoing disregard for state election law.

The Era of ‘Zuckbucks’ in Florida Election Administration Ends

“Zuckbucks were the biggest factor, juicing blue areas in 2020,” Adams said. “At the Public Interest Legal Foundation, we are proud to have played a role in ensuring that this money will not be spent to influence the Florida elections in 2022.”

Sixteen million mystery ballots demonstrate the need for vote-integrity efforts

A new report from the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a conservative group specializing in voting laws, makes abundantly clear why widespread mail-in balloting is a horrible idea.

Ken Blackwell: H.R. 4 is “a Power Grab to Federalize our Elections.”

PILF Board Member Ken Blackwell joins American Agenda on Newsmax to discuss H.R. 4 or The John Lewis Voting Rights Act passing in the U.S. House. He says this bill is a recipe for disaster that invites irregularities into our election system. You can learn more about...

Report: Wisconsin Lost Track of 82,000 Ballots in State Biden Won by 20,000

“The federal data show the 2020 election had more mail ballots that were never counted than the margin of victory in the presidential election in Wisconsin,” J. Christian Adams, president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, said in a statement.

Public Interest Legal Foundation Files Motion to Intervene in DOJ Lawsuit Against Georgia

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) jumped to the defense of the state of Georgia earlier this month when it filed a motion to intervene in the lawsuit the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) brought against the state in June.

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