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PILF Client Inks Comprehensive Settlement in South Texas Voter Roll Suit

PILF client ACRU entered a settlement agreement outlining the most comprehensive strategy to date aimed at improving the quality of voter registration records, practices, and training for Starr County, Texas.

PILF Applauds ‘Final Victory’ in Texas Voter ID Case

PILF today commended Texas’ “final victory” after extensive voter ID litigation.

PILF Response to U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Voting Report

PILF today reacted to the findings of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights’ latest report outlining alleged voting access problems.

Report: At Least 3,100 Noncitizens Registered to Vote in Just 13 Sanctuary Cities

PILF today released Safe Spaces, a new report detailing how noncitizens were often invited and given access to ballots in 13 sanctuary jurisdictions across seven states over the past decade. The ineligible registrations were typically discovered only after noncitizens self-reported their statuses to officials. Worse, sanctuary policies have resulted in aliens who do illegally vote never being prosecuted.

Safe Spaces: How Sanctuary Cities Are Giving Cover to Noncitizens on the Voter Rolls

Sanctuary jurisdictions in seven states disclosed various data demonstrating how noncitizens entered their voter registration systems.

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