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Report: How Noncitizens Vote in Allegheny County, PA

PILF today released Steeling the Vote, a special report detailing how noncitizens were invited and given access to ballots in Allegheny County over the past 12 years. The ineligible registrations were discovered only after immigrants self-reported their statuses to the County.

Steeling the Vote: Allegheny County Reveals How Citizenship Verification Protects Citizens and Immigrants Alike

Amid federal litigation with the Pennsylvania Department of State for complete access to noncitizen voter registration records, Allegheny County election officials disclosed hundreds of pages detailing how noncitizens were regularly offered voter registration by government employees and third-party drives, despite language barriers and clear understandings as to what they were signing. With no comprehensive system […]

J. Christian Adams Commends Kavanaugh Nomination

PILF today released a statement in support of President Donald Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

PILF Praises SCOTUS on Texas Redistricting Maps

PILF today released a statement praising the Supreme Court’s decision to largely uphold Texas’ redistricting maps.

PILF Praises SCOTUS Decision on ‘Partisan Gerrymandering’

PILF today released a statement praising the Supreme Court’s finding that plaintiffs lacked standing to bring claims against Wisconsin’s 2011 redistricting map.

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