Obama Admin Makes Final Effort to Block IRS Target from Evidence Discovery

Published On: January 20th, 2017

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – January 20, 2017: The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) today released a statement regarding the Obama Administration’s final attempt to hide information entitled to election integrity group True the Vote in its case against the Internal Revenue Service.

In the waning hours of the Obama Administration, the Public Interest Legal Foundation on behalf of client True the Vote filed a brief in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to contest the federal government’s latest move that would force the election integrity group to continue the case without the opportunity to review IRS files that could be used as evidence.

“For the better part of a decade, the IRS has targeted True the Vote and others for unfair treatment, only to later blindfold them in court when they fight back,” PILF spokesman Logan Churchwell said. “As the Obama Administration heads for the exit, they are not only trying to block unhelpful evidence from being released, but are also protecting the IRS’ option to return to its discriminatory ways in the absence of court-mandated reforms.”

Below is a summary of observations made in the latest brief.

The IRS is trying to control the flow of information. The brief notes, “In essence, the Government wants to maintain a monopoly on the sources of proof, limiting the presentation of facts to only those facts which the Government chooses to disclose.”

The IRS is ignoring the appellate court’s ruling. TTV won its appeal, which reversed the dismissal of the case for the specific purpose of further discovery and review of the merits.

The IRS is ducking the court’s instructions to show that TTV will not be targeted again. The brief notes that the only evidence showing reforms have been made (a 2015 Treasury Inspector General report) does not specify protections for True the Vote.

The IRS’ own evidence notes ongoing deficiencies to prevent future targeting.

The IRS still maintains sensitive documents gathered from TTV which it shouldn’t have demanded in the first place.

The next oral argument to be heard in the D.C. District Court is scheduled for March 2, 2017. A copy of the brief has been made available, here.

For additional case documents, click here.

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