Sun-Sentinel: Broward County Voter Roll Trial Ends

Published On: August 03rd, 2017

The following was published by the Sun-Sentinel:

Broward County is not doing enough to remove ineligible voters from its lists, it was claimed at a federal trial that wrapped Wednesday.

The argument came from the conservative American Civil Rights Union, which has been pursuing similar claims nationwide.

ACRU attorney J. Christian Adams in his closing argument said voter rolls had:

— 48 registered voters who were older than the oldest living American, including a few who topped 130 years old;

— 1,200 voters whose registrations were accepted even though they used invalid commercial addresses for their residences;

— 23 percent of voters identified as having died in 2011 who were still on the voting rolls in May 2012.

On top of that, Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes even admitted during testimony that non-citizens have registered and cast ballots in the county, Adams said.

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