HCTX 2015 Noncitizen Testimony Transcript, Video

The following transcript references May 2, 2015 Texas House Elections Committee hearing regarding House Bill 76, a bill to establish online voter registration.


Rep. Craig Goldman: Have you ever discovered that someone registered is not an American citizen?

Mike Sullivan: We have, and it’s a burden on me as an elected official to know that I by law am not allowed to challenge the citizenship of someone who says that they are a U.S. citizen—yes sir. Let me tell you what I do with that information, Mr. Vice Chair. We turn that over to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office on a regular basis. The last letter I signed had over 300 cases on it.

Rep. Goldman: I was going to say, define “regular basis, 300 cases” [crosstalk] and what amount of time?

MS: That I don’t remember the specific details for–

Rep. Goldman: How often do you turn such a letter over?

MS: Monthly. Yes sir. It’s ongoing because we’re constantly — we’re doing provisional ballots, we’re doing applications –

Rep. Goldman: So, you say it’s hundreds monthly?

MS: Yes sir, low hundreds.

Rep. Goldman: Low hundreds monthly–

[Floor is yielded]

Rep. Dade Phelan: So, doing the math, it would be low thousands, annually?

MS: Yes sir.

Rep. Dade Phelan: In just Harris County?

MS: In Harris County alone — but the largest county in the state.

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