What You Need To Know About H.R. 4

PILF President J. Christian Adams explains H.R. 4 and how it would put Department of Justice bureaucrats in total control of elections.

The Foundation has published a brief that breaks down H.R. 4. Read the in-depth analysis here.

H.R. 4 has passed the U.S. House and is awaiting a vote in the U.S. Senate. PILF Board member Ken Blackwell discussed the bill on Newsmax. Watch the full interview below. 

H.R. 4 is a federal takeover of elections. Watch our podcast episode that details the attempts by Congress to remove power from the people and federalize our elections.

The DOJ is run by radical activists who have a history of abuse of power. They are the last people who should be running our elections. Learn more about the DOJ’s history of misbehavior here.

H.R. 4 would resurrect Section 5 pre-clearance power of the Voting Rights Act. This preclearance power was abused and even resulted in sanctions before the Supreme Court ruled Section 5 was unconstitutional. We are delving into specific instances in the past when this power was improperly used in our new series, DOJ Abuse of Power of the Week.

           –Kinston, NC: Radical Bureaucrats Rejected Election Change Under Racist Reasoning that Without Democrat on the Ballot   African Americans Would Not Know Who to Vote For.

           –North, SC: DOJ officials rejected a town annexation because they reasoned the addition of two white voters would dilute  black voting strength in the town.

           –South Carolina Voter ID: DOJ bureaucrats rejected South Carolina’s voter ID law twice, claiming the law would                discriminate against minority voters who were less likely to have an ID.

PILF’s own Maureen Riordan testified before the U.S Congress on appalling behavior she witnessed during her over two decades working in the Voting Section of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. Watch the highlights of her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

To learn more about the dangers of H.R. 4, you can read the below editorials.

PILF President J. Christian Adams in the Washington Examiner: House Democrats want to put radical bureaucrats in charge of state elections

PILF Board Member Ken Blackwell in Townhall: The Left’s Next Move Is Even Worse than H.R. 1 

PILF Board Member Hans von Spakovsky and PILF President J. Christian Adams in The Federalist: How H.R. 4 Would Let Leftist Extremists At The DOJ Control The Entire Nation’s Elections

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