Public interest/election law attorney


PILF: Public Interest Legal Foundation has a record of winning cutting-edge election cases involving the National Voter Registration Act, the Voting Rights Act, and state election law. We are the nation’s leading public interest law firm dedicated wholly to election litigation and election integrity. PILF has a nationwide footprint with active litigation across the United States. Our Foundation also collaborates with states and local election offices to improve election systems. We protect the right to vote and preserve the Constitutional framework of American elections through litigation, investigation, research, and education. PILF has created significant election law jurisprudence and successfully litigates to defend the rule of law in elections, even well before the 2020 election.


 As a Public Interest Legal Foundation Attorney, You:

Are an attorney who is passionate about election law and is ready to enjoy a hands-on role in protecting our nation’s elections. You:

  • Will have immediate first line experience in court, depositions, discovery, and appellate arguments.
  • Will be involved in all phases of appellate and trial litigation.
  • Will work with the nation’s most experienced election lawyers.
  • Will help build on a long history of credible and successful litigation.
  • Will experience cases from coast to coast.
  • Will have the freedom to utilize your creativity to develop new matters and cases.
  • Will have opportunities to present at conferences, write, and speak with the media about your cases.
  • Will work in a small firm atmosphere that is nimble, creative, and allows for professional development commensurate with experience.
  • Will have generous vacation, Health Savings Account (HSA) quarterly contributions, health, life, vision, and dental benefits.
  • Will have opportunities to travel.
  • Will have a family-friendly company culture and support for your professional education through seminars and reimbursed CLEs.
  • Win, and preserve the rule of law.


This is a full-time, permanent position located, preferably, in Alexandria, Virginia, though remote job sites may be available for the exceptional candidate. We are adjacent to the Alexandria metro and VRE station. PILF offers a total compensation package that includes a competitive salary, generous vacation time, health, life, vision, and dental insurances, and health saving account (HSA) quarterly employer contributions. We strive to offer a family-friendly work life balance. Potential hybrid job site options are available for the appropriately skilled candidate. Salary competitive and commensurate with experience level.


Preferred Qualifications:

  • While litigation experience is preferred, exemplary recent law school graduates looking for a rewarding first job where they make a difference and learn litigation skills immediately and benefit from mentorship are encouraged to apply. This position is not a soul-draining experience. It does not involve years of document review with uncertain prospects of partnership. This is immediate hands-on, in-court, in-the-limelight work.
  • Exceptional and efficient writing skills are preferred. Clear writers are encouraged to apply.
  • Creative, zealous and imaginative personalities encouraged to apply.
  • Lawyer who is comfortable advocating in court and media affairs.
  • Lawyer who values immediate hands-on experience.
  • Experience with election law is a strong positive, though not mandatory.
  • Government relations experience or service for federal or state government can be a positive.
  • Travel may be required. PILF has active cases in Alaska, Maine, New York, New Mexico, Colorado, and states in between.

How To Apply:

Qualified candidates should submit the following application materials below:

  • Your resume or C.V.
  • A cover letter explaining how you have the preferred qualifications, why you want to fight to protect our elections and the rule of law.
  • A recent writing sample, ideally no longer than 10 pages, but if the best brief you’ve ever written is more, send it.


Public Interest Legal Foundation