Election Law Clerkship

Gain hands on litigation experience in the growing practice of election law. The Public Interest Legal Foundation is the nation’s public interest law firm dedicated to exclusively to election law. We have won litigation victories in state supreme courts, federal courts of appeal and federal and state trial courts. The Foundation’s Legal Fellowship program provides current law students the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on litigation experience on issues of critical importance. Guided by the Foundation’s team of experienced civil rights and election litigators, students will be provided the opportunity to assist with various stages of litigation in state and federal court as well as assist with the Foundation’s multimedia educational programs.

The clerkship is located in Alexandria, Virginia and will have the opportunity to be in-person or remote.

Applicants must have strong research and writing skills.

Applicants must be a law student.

Applicants must be passionate about protecting the integrity of our nation’s elections.

Applicant will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before starting.

Qualified candidates should submit the following application materials below:

Public Interest Legal Foundation