ICYMI: Alaska Senate Must Pass Election Integrity Bill SB 39

PILF Testified before the Alaska State Senate that SB 39 would make the state’s voter rolls more accurate.

(Juneau, AK) – May 5, 2022: the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) Research Director Logan Churchwell testified before the Alaska Senate Finance Committee on election integrity bill, SB 39.

In prepared remarks, Churchwell argued that SB 39 would implement election integrity reforms and best practices that would make Alaska’s election more secure.

“The heart of SB 39, from PILF’s perspective, requires the development of annual practices to assess faulty or outdated voter registration records such as those who are deceased, convicted of felonies, registered subsequently out of state, are foreign nationals, or other cases where eligibility can be questioned.”

Churchwell pointed out that Alaska has had more registered voters than adults of eligible voting age for over a decade. SB 39 would fix this problem and clean up the state’s voter rolls.

“Alaska is part of a slim minority of states which have held more registered voters than adults of eligible voting age, per the U.S. Census stretching nearly a decade now. SB 39 follows a clear roadmap for voter roll maintenance updates while also envisioning necessary guard rails to make certain that unforced errors and bad data matches do not complicate the process.”

In conclusion, Alaska needs SB 39 to clean the state’s voter rolls. Accurate voter rolls are essential to free and fair elections.

“Given Alaska’s recent experiences with cyber intrusions and history of unkempt voter rolls, if the time came where another attack sought to do damage to voter data, how could you tell the difference between prior negligence versus fresh sabotage without these best practices already working for you? Alaska needs SB 39 now.”

Watch the full testimony here.

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