PILF Praises 5th Circuit Ruling Protecting Texas’ Mail Voting Laws

(NEW ORLEANS, LA) – June 4, 2020: Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) released the following statement in celebration of the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision regarding Texas’ absentee ballot laws.

“This is a critical win for Texas and a lesson to other states: defending your mail voting systems in the face of lawless demands is worthwhile and just,” PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams said. “Don’t surrender like Virginia or New Mexico did. Mail voting is the most susceptible to fraud, and your laws are designed to prevent disenfranchisement. Fear isn’t a disability. The efforts to suggest otherwise in Texas demonstrate just how far the Left is willing to go to rewrite election laws in the face of the pandemic.

The Foundation’s previous court briefs on the matter may be accessed here. The unanimous ruling may be read here.

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Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) is a 501(c)(3) public interest law firm dedicated to election integrity. The Foundation exists to assist states and others to aid the cause of election integrity and fight against lawlessness in American elections. Drawing on numerous experts in the field, PILF seeks to protect the right to vote and preserve the Constitutional framework of American elections.


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