PILF Urges White House Rescind Appointment of Justin Levitt to Senior Policy Advisor for Democracy and Voting Rights

(Alexandria, VA) – April 21, 2021: This week, President Biden appointed Justin Levitt to be the White House Senior Advisor for Democracy and Voting Rights. Levitt is a rabid partisan and one of the primary architects of the Left’s failed attacks on election integrity. Putting such a partisan in charge of voting rights threatens to further undermine confidence in our election system.

What’s worse, Levitt’s record at the Department of Justice demonstrates he is not very effective as a government employee in protecting voting rights and voter registration list maintenance. His time as U.S. Attorney General for Civil Rights was one of the quietest periods for voting rights litigation brought by the DOJ in recent history. He oversaw only one new Voting Rights Act Section 2 case and no claims enforcing voter roll cleanup provisions of the National Voter Registration Act, Help America Vote Act, and Section 208 of the Voting Rights Act.

In sum, Levitt does not return to government with a track record of action.

Before that, Levitt spent 5 years working at the Brennan Center, a leftist think tank dedicated to comparing election integrity policies like voter ID, citizenship verification, and modernized voter registration list maintenance to Jim Crow laws. The portrayal of election integrity efforts as racist is dishonest and lessens the severity of real racism.

Additionally, Levitt has a history of improper conduct in elections that should disqualify him from a position as policy advisor on election integrity efforts. When he served as the General Counsel for the George Soros funded super PAC America Coming Together, the PAC was fined $750,000 for violating election laws. The PAC was found to have used unregulated soft money to directly boost democrat presidential candidate John Kerry and other democrat campaigns.

Election integrity should be a nonpartisan issue. Ensuring Americans have the right to cast a ballot is one of the founding bedrocks of our republic. It is unfortunate that this White House is taking steps to make this a partisan issue with this appointment and will clearly not be addressing the issues in the 2020 election.

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