REPORT: Snowbirds from 14 States Voted in Palm Beach County Elections in 2018, 2016

Published On: November 04th, 2019

Year-Out Review Finds Vulnerabilities in Election Systems

(WEST PALM BEACH, FL.) – November 4, 2019: The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) today released Calm Before the Storm: Are Palm Beach County’s Elections Protected Against Emerging Threats?, a new report detailing a variety of vulnerabilities and data findings within the overall Palm Beach County voter registration system.

Prior to the public release of its latest report, PILF shared its detailed findings with current Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Wendy S. Link (PBSOE). Supervisor Link’s office committed to reviewing findings and taking necessary corrective actions going forward, while also sharing other matters beyond her immediate control with the Florida Secretary of State. Essentially all findings worthy of official action were created during now-removed Supervisor Susan Bucher’s term of office, or a predecessor.

“We are one year out from the 2020 General and this report is a stark reminder that you can’t have election ‘security’ without integrity first,” PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams said.“Palm Beach County serves as an example of the types of vulnerabilities found within Florida’s voting system that could be leveraged by an outside saboteur. Our research suggests these problems are fixable well before the presidential election.

I want to particularly commend Supervisor Link’s office for not only providing necessary data during our research, but also keeping an open door and accepting our findings,” Adams added.

PILF discovered a variety of apparent flaws and procedural errors ranging from snowbird double voting, duplicate voter registration, non-citizen voter participation, illegal addresses, and even deceased voting.

Summary of Findings

Interstate Duplicate Registrations (NY, PA, RI) – 20,479

Interstate Double Voting in 2016 and/or 2018 – 225

Deceased Registrants – 2,203

Dead Voters – 139

Individuals Registered Twice in Palm Beach County – 413

Admitted Noncitizens Previously Registered – 68

Improper Uses of Non-Residential Addresses — 68

Calm Before the Storm follows reports specifically focused on apparent noncitizen voter participation in Michigan, “sanctuary” cities, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia.

Access to Calm Before the Storm: Are Palm Beach County’s Elections Protected Against Emerging Threats? is available, here.

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