REPORT: Tens of Thousands of Deceased and Duplicative Voter Registrations Found After 2020 Election in North Carolina

Major vulnerabilities in North Carolina’s voter roll needs to be fixed before the Midterm Elections.

 (Alexandria, VA.) – March 29, 2022: Today, the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) released a research brief detailing errors in North Carolina’s voter rolls. These errors must be fixed before the 2022 elections which includes a U.S. Senate race that may be very close.

The Foundation’s analysis of the voter roll found that 7,933 North Carolinians were still registered to vote long after death in 2020. Some of these deceased registrants have been on the voter rolls for decades. One deceased registrant Hoyle Helms, a World War II vet, died in 1997 when Clinton was President. Following his death, he remained on the voter rolls for nearly 25 years.

Another deceased registrant, Mary Coleman, died in 2003 and remained active on the state’s voter rolls for nearly 2 decades.

The state’s voter rolls are also filled with tens of thousands of duplicate registrations. The Foundation found 42,984 North Carolinians were registered in another state before the 2020 election.

Additionally, 13,525 North Carolinians managed to become registered twice under variations of their name. This is extremely concerning as the state moves toward expanding vote by mail because these registrants would receive multiple ballots.

“North Carolina officials need to use the time they still have to prepare voter rolls for the midterm elections,” said PILF President J. Christian Adams. “Time is running out. Silly, obvious errors in the voter roll can create opportunities for voter fraud and chaos in a close election. Correcting deceased and duplicate records now will help to preemptively address those risks.”

Access the full research brief here.

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