2020: Biden Won Georgia by 11K Votes. 27K Mail Ballots Bounced Off Bad Addresses.

Published On: September 08th, 2021

Another 217K Mail Ballots Are Unaccounted

SEPTEMBER 2021 – While most places broke records with total amounts of ballots in the mail, Georgia’s 2020 count was slightly less than what it circulated in 2012. Yet in 2020, the Peach State broke records for undeliverable and unaccounted-for mail ballots. The state’s recent close election results make clear the importance of voter roll list maintenance operations. One of the most consequential stories to come out of Georgia is how the number of mail ballots directed to faulty addresses (returned undeliverable) was greater than the ultimate difference between winning and losing 16 Electoral College votes. Like in Wisconsin and other states, political candidates would be wise to factor in the sloppiness of mail balloting when forecasting their voter turnout needs for victory. Georgia’s recently passed election integrity reforms are a positive step forward in addressing the multitude of mail ballot risks, even if the Biden DOJ is trying to shut them down in court.

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