(LAS CRUCES, NM.) – May 2020: The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) presents Down the Hatch: How Left-Wing Election Reforms Can Be Forced on Unsuspecting Communities, a new report detailing how sweetheart deals with outside groups can change election laws and “design” better “cultures.”

Down the Hatch here.


–Learn How Dona Ana County invited outside groups to “design a culture” that valued “inclusive democracy” and changed election laws in the process.

–Read how sweetheart deals are floated to change election dates to better ensure preferred outcomes by outside groups.

–Witness the daily collaboration with outside activists to promote ranked choice voting reforms.

–See how activists become county personnel and then simultaneous private contractors for former nonprofit employers.

New Mexico Voter Roll Audit Overview

–Potentially Deceased “Active” Registrants – 1,681

–Registrants Aged 100+ – 1,519

–Potentially Duplicated Registrants at Same Address – 1,584

–Potentially Duplicated Registrants Voting Twice Across State Lines – 55

–Potentially Duplicated Registrants Voting Across County Lines – 30

–Registrants Claiming Potential Commercial Addresses for Voting Purposes – 188

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