Maintaining Accurate Voter Registration Rolls: The Need to Rehabilitate the ERIC Program or Form an Alternative

Hans A. von Spakovsky and J. Christian Adams

J. Christian Adams, the President of the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), and The Heritage Foundation released a report detailing the major reforms the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) must implement to provide more accurate information to member states, attract the participation of additional states, and prevent partisanship.

ERIC has been in the news recently, following the withdrawal of Alabama, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, and West Virginia. To correct the problems that have led states to terminate their membership in ERIC, both ERIC’s bylaws and its membership agreement need to be changed.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation has four active lawsuits in Louisiana, Colorado, the District of Columbia, and Alaska to obtain ERIC voter list maintenance reports. These states are adhering to the ERIC agreement that prohibits the disclosure of public information.

Read the full legal memorandum here.

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