Foreign Citizens are Voting in the U. S.

The real foreign interference in U.S. elections is foreign citizens voting! We have uncovered evidence of foreigners registering and voting in the U.S.

Pennsylvania has admitted that they had registered almost 10,000 non-citizens at the local Pennsylvania Department of Transportation offices.

We are still in federal litigation with the Pennsylvania Department of State for complete access to non-citizen voter registration records.

However, Allegheny County election officials disclosed to us hundreds of pages detailing how noncitizens were regularly offered voter registration by government employees and third-party drives, despite language barriers and clear understandings as to what they were signing.

Key Findings from the Alleghany County records disclosed to PILF show:

  • 139 instances of noncitizen voter registration and eventual cancellation were disclosed by the County from 2006 to 2018.
  • 27 percent of noncitizens cast at least one ballot prior to removal.

This isn’t just happening in Pennsylvania. Motor Voter makes these errors at local DMVs across the country all too common. We published a report that examines this problem in New Jersey.  Earlier this year, we won a case in North Carolina to disclose similar records in the state.

Congress needs to modernize our Motor Voter law and determine how we can verify citizenship in the process.

Public Interest Legal Foundation