Episode 2: The Vulnerabilities in Our Electoral System

Published On: August 09th, 2021

In Episode 2 of Protecting Your Vote, PILF President J. Christian Adams dives into the vulnerabilities in our electoral system from dirty voter rolls that include people registered more than once and with incorrect addresses to dead voters.

To learn more about the cases and vulnerabilities mentioned in the podcast, checkout the links below.

PILF Secures Settlement with Allegheny County That Includes Information-Sharing Agreement for Voter Roll List Maintenance Leads

VIDEO: Voting from Nevada Businesses

REPORT: 92K Clark County NV Mail Ballots Went to Wrong Addresses in 2020 Presidential Election

REPORT:  Steeling the Vote: Allegheny County Reveals how Citizenship Verification Protects Citizens and Immigrants Alike

ONGOING LITIGATION regarding non-citizens voting: PILF v. Pennsylvania

PILF Secures Victory to Stop Virginia from Accepting Absentee Ballots Received After Election Day with no Postmark 

Protecting Your Vote
Protecting Your Vote
Episode 2: The Vulnerabilities in Our Electoral System
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