Army of Attorneys Bombard Court to Block PILF from Helping Defend Texas’ Election Integrity Law

Published On: October 25th, 2021

(Alexandria, VA) – October 25, 2021: Within 2 weeks, of the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) filing to help defend Texas’ election integrity law, 70 lawyers from 8 law firms and 11 far left organizations have filed attack briefs opposing PILF joining the lawsuit.

“The Public Interest Legal Foundation is standing up for common sense election integrity measures,” said PILF President J. Christian Adams. “The left is sending an army of attorneys to oppose us from joining the case because we are the best at defending election integrity in court. This group of well-funded lawyers are trying to stop us from helping Texas because we will make legal arguments that will assist Texas.  The left spends millions of dollars on lawyers to undermine our election system.”

Public Interest Legal Foundation