Video: Visiting Nevada Voters Registered at Commercial Addresses

Published On: October 05th, 2020

You Can’t Claim a Non-Residential Address Unless You Actually Live There

(LAS VEGAS, NV.) – October 5, 2020: The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) produced and released a video documenting visits to non-residential addresses claimed by registered voters in southern Nevada.

Nevada’s voter registration form requires prospective registrants to list addresses of actual residence. The Foundation performed site visits at various visits around the Las Vegas metro and Pahrump to investigate questionable addresses on local voter rolls.

Voting from Nevada Businesses from Public Interest Legal on Vimeo.

All locations were listed on local voter rolls with voting credits issued as recently as the 2018 General midterm elections.

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“There are a lot of people registered to vote at commercial addresses—meaning businesses, mining facilities, liquor stores—and that messes up the voter rolls. These people, under Nevada law, should be registered [to vote] where they live and not at a business,” PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams said in the video. “Election officials are going to be mailing ballots to every registered voter—whether or not they ask for it—so the integrity of the address is so important in that situation.”

Prior to the visits, the Foundation published a national report featuring tallies of non-residential address used for voting purposes. In a separate study, Clark County disclosed to the Foundation that more than 223,000 mail ballots from the June primaries were returned undeliverable. 

The Public Interest Legal Foundation is leading the nation in enforcing election integrity laws and the National Voter Registration Act, having brought cases in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maryland, Florida, Mississippi, Texas, and Maine and filed amicus briefs in litigation across the nation.

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